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Strategic alignment is more than a buzzword, and it deserves all of our undivided attention because:

$109M is lost for every $1B in project spending due to misalignment (Project Management Institute 2014)

Poorly aligned companies have 50% lower returns on invested capital and 18% overall in EBITDA (McKinsey 2017)

Roughly 43% of an average knowledge worker's time is wasted on non-productive communication issues. Unproductive communication costs employers roughly $26,041 per employee on an annual basis (Grossman Group 2011)

While misalignment can be challenging to address, it’s easy to spot. Read about the seven common signs of a misaligned team.

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Have you ever wondered what misalignment costs your organisation and its ability to remain profitable and competitive?

“Barriers to psychological safety can present on a number of levels in the workplace. Mirror Mirror is a refreshing way of getting people around some of those barriers, by allowing them to share their views anonymously, and address key issues without judgement or blame.”

Amy Edmondson
Harvard Business School: Novartis Professor
of Leadership and Management;
Author, The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth; Thinkers50 #1 Ranked Thinker 2021

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Diversity has a significant impact on decision making, innovation, performance, culture, talent retention and acquisition. But despite their best intentions, many organisations still struggle to leverage diversity to achieve more alignment and better results. Why? Fixed mindsets, structural bias, unconscious bias, unwritten rules, norms, and more. 

Thankfully there's a way to identify how different people become more aligned and effective.

Using Mirror Mirror’s proprietary diagnostic, we’ll compare the views of how your leaders and teams see their whole system at work, in data. You get the common ground and differences on the table. Based on this, we can help you see your alignment gaps, have the difficult conversations safely, prioritise what needs attention, and agree on an action plan.


Thriving organisations understand that in order to create a sense of belonging, leverage the diversity of the team and create the type of employee experience that goes beyond satisfaction and engagement, they need to create an environment that supports:

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Organisational Integrity

Leaders reflect the organisation’s values in their words, actions and beliefs, keep their promises and share information openly and honestly.

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Psychological Safety

A shared belief that confronting differences with others won’t result in negative consequences; that the team is in an environment in which they feel respected, accepted, and comfortable to be themselves.

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Group Potency

Team members believe that the group can be effective and have a shared sense of confidence.

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The team can rely on each other to deliver shared tasks and believe they all have something to gain by achieving their goals or something to lose if they don’t.

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Team Cohesion

There is a shared commitment among all team members to achieve their shared goals.


Are you about to embark on or are you in the midst of a change or transformation program? Want to understand the root cause of underperformance or erosion of productivity? Or maybe you want to address the continuous challenges you face within your team when it comes to your priorities and objectives?


We’ll provide you with comprehensive, data-driven alignment insights about how people in your team see their shared context, the team’s behaviours, and organisational support.


What you get in return is an increased focus on what matters most to your team, less ambiguity and confusion about the team’s priorities and greater overall efficiency and productivity.

If you’re a senior leader, executive or board director, contact us to find out more or ask us about a free demo scan today.

We’re obsessed with helping leaders build high-performing and thriving teams, assisting employees to understand how they fit in and bringing an organisation’s purpose and strategy to life. And none of this can happen without alignment.


We share a passion for alignment, building common understanding about the fundamentals of organisations (purpose, vision, values and strategic priorities), and creating environments that allow effective decision-making and communication to flourish. So joining forces as The Alignment People has been a natural progression for us. It speaks of our commitment to supporting each other as well as our client organisations.


In 2020, we connected with Europe-based Lindsay Uittenbogaard who developed Mirror Mirror – an alignment diagnostic and process in one to help leaders uncover and address alignment gaps quickly. Since then, we joined the global network as the Australian licensees and trained facilitators. With Mirror Mirror we identify and measure where people are and are not on the same page across a range of cognitive and behavioural indicators, and help them to recognise issues and agree on actions.


We like to think of themselves as orchestra conductors, and we know that no one individual can whistle a symphony – it takes the entire orchestra to play it. And like an orchestra, it takes teamwork, collaboration, discipline, learning, role clarity, execution, and true leadership in action to bring out the best in your team.


We’re insatiably curious, fascinated by ideas, and have a bias for action and simplifying the complex. With a combined 55 years of corporate communication, employee engagement, marketing, brand, and business experience, we’re The Alignment People and we can help your business sing.


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I’m Zora Artis and I’ve spent years guiding leaders and teams in developing environments that create alignment. Strategic alignment and communication – in work and life – are my passion. Working as an award-winning strategic advisor in communication, brand, and management, I felt constantly frustrated seeing the gaps and missed opportunities at the leadership level that meant my work, and the work of the entire team, was fruitless when there was misalignment.


Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP

I’m Sia Papageorgiou and I help organisations and the people within them perform at their best, so they thrive and succeed. I do this through working with organisations to explore, discover and learn what their employees are thinking and how to communicate with them in the most effective way. I’ve won multiple local, regional, and international awards for delivering strategic programs of work that drive understanding, impact, and performance.

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"It helped surface lack of alignment in a very visible, tangible way. By asking for verbatims not multiple-choice answers it gives each individual an equal voice and the freedom to express their responses in their own words. This felt more insightful and helps with teasing out the nuances and identifying the gaps. The survey results indicate gaps, but the resulting discussion was where there was real connection and empathy. It was so valuable to have time dedicated to talking about these things."

Marketing leader, global member organisation,
accounting and finance industry


If you’re a senior leader, executive or board director and you want to know how we can help your business sing, contact us at:

Zora: +61 (0) 410 565 625

Sia: +61 (0) 414 436 147

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